Refreshing Quality.

Redefining Volume.

Our goal at F5 Media is to bridge the gap between advertisers and affiliates like never before!

We focus on the following verticals: pay-per- call, sweepstakes, mobile content, app installs.

F5 Media is refreshing the way affiliate marketing is done. We believe in building lasting relationships through expertise, technology and fun.
Focusing on carefully selected market segments we create the best possible value for our affiliates & advertisers.
We empower our global team of employees with the best personal development in the industry.


Since quality is everything in this industry, we only work with proven affiliates. Having worked closely with many advertisers over the years we understand the importance of mixing volume with quality.

Our cherry-picked affiliates are some of the largest media buyers, search engine and social media marketers in the industry. When you partner with F5 Media you only pay for results.

Why Advertisers choose F5MEDIA:

– Top Converting Traffic
– Fast Time To Market
– Global Reach
– Quality Assurance


F5 has a top loyalty program for affiliates,
rewarding the efforts of our affiliates
with a variety of incentives!


We generate high quality leads for advertisers in home security, solar, loans, refinancing

With our global reach we are able to assist advertisers with generating leads for email submit, pin submit, credit card submit offers

We offer in-depth knowledge to advertisers and affiliates to drive leads in mobile content, taking into account optimisation aspects in each country and for each carrier.

Our app install programs help apps reach the right global target audience for maximum engagement.


103 Richmond St. East
Suite 200
M5C 1N9